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FireCall IMS (Incident Management System) is one of the most advanced and cost effective systems available today for coordinating and managing personnel accountability at the fire scene.

Designed in conjunction with Emerald Isle Fire Department, NC we made firefighter safety our top priority.

From receiving a silent dispatch with navigation the mobile application synchronizes with other units dispatched whilst on route to the fire scene.

At the fire scene the Incident Commander can assign firefighters to locations perform auditable PAR checks and receive live updates of firefighter and responding unit locations from other devices.

Based on technology developed by IncaX for the US Office of Naval Research (ONR) the FireCall IMS Cloud provides coordination between multiple devices at the fire scene viewable in real-time via a Command and Control Dashboard

Real-time updates of PAR checks, tactical worksheets, firefighter and responding unit locations are all available from a web browser via a secure link to the FireCall IMS Cloud.

FireCall is initially available for Android 10.1 inch tablets. A Windows RT tablet version will be available soon.

To find out more about FireCall download the product overview or use the contact's link below to get in touch.

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