IncaX (R) CellCCTV
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Cell CCTV is a new IncaX add-on to our Command and Control Dashboard that allows you to remote control Android devices, remotely activate live video, switch between front and back cameras and also remotely zoom the camera.

All the core IncaX functionality is also available to turn on/off GPS tracking + geofencing, proximity alerts and the case management functionality delivered with our CopTrax product

Key functions:

  • Device remote control
  • Remotely activate a live video feed
  • Remotely switch between the front and rear cameras
  • Remotely zoom the camera
  • Remotely turn on / off GPS tracking
  • View the status of the device's battery level, network connection and location

With a $150 Android device and IncaX CellCCTV you have a cheap and portable camera system that has Internet connectivity built in and can therefore be quickly deployed adhoc during an incident.

Cell CCTV runs on Android v2.2 and above and requires a built in camera and GPS receiver.

For more information please use the contact's link below.

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